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This web page concerns my course Basic Mathematics and by graduate course Geometric methods in representation theory.

Basic Mathematics - G30 program

Schedule and grading.

Textbook: Precalculus Demystified. R. Huettenmueller. McGrawHill.

To do the online homework, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Click here;
  2. Fill in your login and password;
  3. Click on Enter (the first time, it will ask you to accept User conditions: do it).

Most of the exercises can be tried again as many times as you want. The best grade is the only one which will be taken in account.

2017/04/24Quiz 1Solution Quiz 1
2017/05/01Quiz 2Solution Quiz 2
2017/05/08Quiz 3Solution Quiz 3
2017/05/15Quiz 4Solution Quiz 4
2017/05/22Quiz 5Solution Quiz 5
2017/05/29Midterm exam 2017
2017/06/05Quiz 6Solution Quiz 6
2017/06/12Quiz 7Solution Quiz 7
2017/06/19Quiz 8Solution Quiz 8
2017/06/26Quiz 9Solution Quiz 9
2017/07/03Quiz 10Solution Quiz 10
2017/07/10Quiz 11Solution Quiz 11
Training for the final exam

Graduate course - Geometric methods in representation theory

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