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This web page concerns mainly my course Complex Analysis and my seminar A.


Complex Analysis - G30 program

Schedule and grading

2017/10/02§ 1.1, Exercises 1 to 8

Two videos about complex numbers:

These videos are part of the film Dimensions by Jos Leys - Étienne Ghys - Aurélien Alvarez. You can watch the complete film on Note that titles are in French, but speeches are in English (or in other languages if you go to the website).


(click on at the bottom of the videos or use the right button of the mouse to activate or change subtitles)

Seminar A - G30 program

Schedule and grading / topics

The evaluation sheet


DateTalk 1Talk 2
October 11Ng (13)Chang (16)
October 18Ha (12)Tho (11)
October 25Yih-Hwai (25)Tumul (6)
November 1Viet (9)Quang (8)
November 8Bach (7)Amr (1)