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This web page concerns my courses about complex analysis and categorification of cluster algebras coming from Lie theory (winter 2012).

Complex Analysis - G30 program

Schedule and grading

ExercisesTo hand inQuizzOther
Exercises 12012/10/06Quizz 1
Exercises 22012/10/15Quizz 2Exercises on equations in C
Exercises 32012/10/22Quizz 3Notes about complex numbers
Exercises 42012/10/29Quizz 4
Trial mid-term exam2012/11/05Quizz 5Trial mid-term exam - answers
Mid-term examMid-term exam - answers
Exercises 62012/11/19
Exercises 72012/11/26Quizz 6Notes about sequences and series
Exercises 82012/12/03
Exercises 92012/12/10
Exercises 102012/12/17Quizz 7
Exercises 112012/01/12Notes about limits, continuity, derivatives and analytic functions
Exercises 122012/01/21Some exercises with answers
Final examFinal exam - answers

Access to online exercises:

  1. Click on the link.
  2. The first time, click on Register.
  3. Click on Complex Analysis.
  4. Type the password given during the class.
  5. Fill the form to create an account (please use your real name).
  6. Login with the login and password you created (the first time it is possible that it asks you to accept some condition; please check the box).

Two videos about complex numbers:

These videos are part of the film Dimensions by Jos Leys - Étienne Ghys - Aurélien Alvarez. You can watch the complete film on Note that titles are in French, but speeches are in English (or in other languages if you go to the website).


(click on at the bottom of the videos to activate change subtitles)

Categorification of cluster algebras coming from Lie theory - Graduate program

Grading: each week, you choose one of the exercises to hand in. The grade is based on the ten best you submit.

A lexicon 英語 - 日本語

The course : weeks 1-15