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This web page concerns mainly my course and tutorial Linear algebra 2, and my graduate course Auslander-Reiten theory.

Linear Algebra II - G30 program

Schedule and grading

2016/04/14Tutorial 1Homework 1
2016/04/21Tutorial 2Quiz 1Solution
2016/04/28Tutorial 3Homework 2Quiz 2Solution
2016/05/10Tutorial 4Solution Homework 1Quiz 3Solution
2016/05/17Tutorial 5Quiz 4Solution
2016/05/24Tutorial 6Solution Homework 2Quiz 5Solution
2016/05/31Midterm exam
2016/06/07Tutorial 7Homework 3
2016/06/14Tutorial 8Quiz 6Solution
2016/06/21Tutorial 9Quiz 7Solution
2016/06/28Tutorial 10Solution Homework 3Quiz 8Solution
2016/07/05Tutorial 11Homework 4Quiz 9Solution
2016/07/12Tutorial 12Quiz 10Solution
2016/07/19Tutorial 13Solution Homework 4Quiz 11Solution
2016/07/26Final exam

(solutions of Homeworks by Boshu Ding, Teaching assistant)

Auslander-Reiten theory - Graduate course

Schedule and grading

A lexicon 英語 - 日本語

The main book used for this course is

Maurice Auslander, Idun Reiten, Sverre O. Smalø, Representation theory of Artin algebras. Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 36. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1995.
(availlable in Science Library: here or here)