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Admission - How to Apply

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Update: 2022/10/21


How to Apply

There are different entrance examinations depending on the level and curriculum you are interested in. This page lets you determine which one fits you best.

Department of Mathematics (undergraduate studies, 4 year curriculum)

The Department of Mathematics offers no undergraduate international curriculum (Global 30 International Program). As a result, you need a good level in Japanese, and pass either the general entrance examination (School of Sciences) or privately supported foreign students examination (School of Sciences).

Note that the 1st year at the School of Sciences is a common trunk, and you will only enroll at the Department of Mathematics for the second year, after a selection process.

Graduate School of Mathematics, Master Course (graduate studies, 2 year curriculum)

Concerning the Master Course, you may choose either to apply to Japanese Curriculum or G30 International Program Curriculum. The Japanese Curriculum begins in April, with written entrance examinations either in July of the previous year, or in February of the admission year (application during the previous month). The G30 International Program Curriculum begins in October, with examinations through document screening and an online interview either in January–February or May–June of the admission year. While the G30 International Program is a natural choice for non-Japanese speaking candidates, it is possible to apply to the Japanese Curriculum even with a low level of Japanese as you can request to pass the written entrance examination in English (you will stil need some assistance for the paperwork, and the examination takes place in Nagoya). If you apply to the G30 International Program, make sure you first get in contact with your prospective advisor. There is no such requirement for the Japanese Curriculum.

Once admitted, the two curriculums are very similar in their requirements: to graduate you need four semesters of study with a supervisor, 12 credits earned from lectures for the Japanese Curriculum, 10 credits for the International Curriculum, and to write a Master Thesis. Additionally, the Japanese Curriculum requires to pass a preliminary test before writing the Master Thesis.

Graduate School of Mathematics, Doctor Course (graduate studies, 3 year curriculum)

For the Doctor Course, you can again choose between Japanese Curriculum and G30 International Program Curriculum. There are very little differences between the two. The Japanese Curriculum begins either in April or October. For admission in October, the oral examination is in July, while for admission in April the oral examination is either in August of the previous year or February, with applications due the month before. You may ask for the in-person interview to be conducted in English. The G30 International Program Curriculum begins only in October, with examinations through document screening and an online interview either in January–February or May–June of the admission year. For all curriculums, be sure to first contact your prospective advisor.

Once admitted, the requirements are the same for all: you need to write a Doctor Thesis that fulfills the conditions of the Graduate School.