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Research - Past Conferences and Workshops - Birational Automorphisms of Compact Complex Manifold and Dynamical Systems

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Update: 2007/12/07


Birational Automorphisms of Compact Complex Manifold and Dynamical Systems

August 27 (Mon) – August 31 (Fri), 2007
Nagoya University, Graduate School of Mathematics, Rm 509
S. Kondo (Nagoya), S. Mukai (Kyoto), K. Oguiso (Keio)
Speakers (confirmed)
E. Bedford (Indiana), F. Campana (Nancy), S. Cantat (Rennes), N. D. Elkies (Harvard), K. Frantzen (Bochum), B. van Geemen (Milan), J. M. Hwang (KIAS), Y. Ishii (Kyushu), K. Iwasaki (Kyushu), S. Kawaguchi (Kyoto), J. H. Keum (KIAS), A. Kumar (MIT), Y. Okuyama (Kyoto Inst. of Tech.), M. Schuett (Harvard), T. Shioda (Rikkyo), N. Sibony (Paris-Sud), De-Qi Zhang (Singapore)
Contact to:
S. Kondo (Nagoya) / Phone: +81-52-789-2815 / Email: kondo (at)


August 27 (Mon)
13:30–14:30De-Qi Zhang (Singapore)
Automorphisms of complex manifolds, and their dynamics
15:00–16:00Katsunori Iwasaki (Kyushu)
Ergodic theory of Painlevé foliation (joint work with T. Uehara)
16:30–17:30Serge Cantat (Rennes)
Groups of birational transformations of surfaces
August 28 (Tue)
10:00–11:00Noam D. Elkies (Harvard)
The maximal Mordell–Weil rank of an elliptic K3 surface over Q(t)
11:30–12:30Tetsuji Shioda (Rikkyo)
K3 surfaces and sphere packings
15:30–16:30Yutaka Ishii (Kyushu)
Hubbard trees for complex Henon maps
17:00–18:00Nessim Sibony (Paris-Sud)
Superpotentials, applications to dynamics
18:30–20:30Banquet at Restaurant “Hananoki”
August 29 (Wed)
10:00–11:00Abhinav Kumar (Harvard)
K3 surfaces associated to genus 2 curves via Shioda–Inose structure
11:30–12:30Matthias Schuett (Harvard)
Singular K3 surfaces and modular forms
AfternoonFree discussion
August 30 (Thu)
10:00–11:00Jun-Muk Hwang (KIAS)
Characteristic foliations on the discriminantal hypersurface of a holomorphic Lagrangian fibration
11:30–12:30Frédéric Campana (Nancy)
Geometry of orbifolds
15:30–16:30Bert van Geemen (Milan)
Real multiplication on K3 surfaces and Kuga Satake varieties
17:00–18:00Eric Bedford (Indiana)
Rational Surface Automorphisms (joint work with K. Kim)
August 31 (Fri)
10:00–11:00Shu Kawaguchi (Kyoto)
Canonical height functions for affine space regular polynomial automorphisms
11:30–12:30Yusuke Okuyama (Kyoto Inst. of Tech.)
Equidistribution and Nevanlinna theory
14:00–15:00Kristina Frantzen (Bochum)
Equivariant Mori reduction and K3 surfaces with finite symmetry groups of mixed type
15:30–16:30JongHae Keum (KIAS)