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Update: 2017/10/10


Education Program

Teaching and Research Activities

Student Projects

The Graduate School recruits Doctoral Program students to undertake Student Projects to help prepare them for their dissertation while developing their independent research planning and management skills. The School provides them with support for this effort.

Student Projects are either short-term or long-term study meetings or exchange sessions with outside research institutions.

Student Project Titles of 2017
  • Homological aspects in representation theory
  • A study on the special values of various multiple zeta functions
  • Rotating fluids and the stability of the Navier–Stokes–Coriolis equations with Ekman boundary layers
  • Operator algebras and tensor categories
  • On relations for multiple zeta values in function fields
  • Representation theory of Lie groups and related topics to it
  • Graph cut with connectivity
  • Algebraic number theory and Iwasawa theory
  • On the special values of multiple zeta functions at negative integers
  • Modular shadows and multiple modular values
Student Project Titles of 2016
  • Algebraic topology and modularity
  • Mathematics and physics of refined knot invariants
  • Functional equations of zeta functions and their applications
  • Operator algebras and their applications to quantum physics
  • On the relations among special values of zeta functions of root systems
  • A homotopy theory of monoids
  • Analytic number theory from now on — The viewpoint of younger generations
  • Topology of coadjoint orbits of matrix Lie groups and their properties
Student Project Titles of 2011
  • Combinatorial representation theory and related topics
  • Studies in commutative rings of positive characteristic from the view point of F-purity
  • Algebraic topology and algebraic K-theory
  • Interplay between topology and logic
  • Who killed the prime factorization again?
  • Dynamical systems and geometry
  • Arithmetic geometry and related topics
  • Fuchsian groups and Kleinian groups
  • Interdisciplinary number theory
  • The Dixmier-Douady class
  • Cluster algebras and related topics
  • Analytic geometry on Harnack inequalities
  • The variation of reproducing kernels

Graduate Student Careers

  • Survey of university mathematics instructors
  • Applying doctoral program research to university education and company activities

Developing Young Innovative Researchers

  • Joint researcher development project with b-jin

Teaching and Research Activities in the Graduate School

Educational research projects, which are one of the many academic projects conducted by the Graduate School, have been expanded to cover more topics.

  • Introductory of Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Researcher’s Seminar, Graduate Students’ Seminar,
  • Number Theory and Geometry Workshop,
  • Seminar on Analytic Number Theory,
  • Geometry Seminar,
  • Ricci Flow Seminar,
  • Geometric Group Theory Workshop,
  • Rigidity Seminar,
  • Seminar in Analytic Geometry,
  • Global Analysis Seminar,
  • Dynamical Systems Seminar,
  • Potential Theory Seminar,
  • Infinite Dimensional Analysis Seminar (Joint seminar with Meijo University),
  • Differential Equations Seminar,
  • Tagen Seminar,
  • Mathematical Physics Seminar,
  • Mathematics Education Seminar,
  • Lunch Time and Seminar for Women,
  • Project “Differential equation by algebraic geometry method”,
  • Project “Geometry in string theory and its expansion”,
  • Project “Hecke algebras and Macdonald functions associated to complex reflection groups”,
  • Project “Representation theoretic combinatorics and combinatorial representation theory”.

Please refer to the Research Calendar for a detailed schedule.