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Update: 2018/12/15


Research Calendar

This Week
12/ 10 (Mon) Seminar Yuki Naito Incomplete blow-up of solutions for semilinear heat equations with supercritical nonlinearity
12/ 12 (Wed) Seminar Toshitaka Aoki Classifying torsion classes and τ-tilting modules for algebras with radical square zero
12/ 13 (Thu) Seminar Jiangtao Li Motivic multiple zeta values of level two
12/ 14 (Fri) Seminar Igor Dolgachev Discrete integrable systems and Cremona transformations
Next Week
12/ 17 (Mon) Seminar Kenta Oishi On the R-boundedness for the generalized Stokes resolvent problem in an infinite layer with Neumann boundary condition
12/ 18 (Tue) Seminar Asuka Takatsu Convergence of Combinatorial Ricci Flows to degenerate Circle Patterns
12/ 20 (Thu) Seminar Shota Inoue On a relation between the behavior of logζ(s) and distribution of zeros of the Riemann zeta-function
12/ 21 (Fri) Seminar Yusuke Sawada E_0-semigroups, minimal dilations and product systems of W*-bimodules
After Next Week
1/ 24 (Thu) Seminar Rafael Tiedra Ruled strips with asymptotically diverging twisting

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