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Education - Partnership Graduate Program

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Update: 2012/09/28


Education Program

Partnership Graduate Program

What is the Partnership Graduate Program?

Under this system, Nagoya University provides graduate level education using the facilities and human resources of its partners, which are advanced national and private research institutions.

The Graduate School has offered research supervision under this program since its inception. Since 2000, the Graduate School has conducted lectures, on-site practical training and company visits in cooperation with Hitachi, Ltd. In 2006, the Graduate School expanded its offerings by inviting Visiting Faculty from partners other than Hitachi.

With this system, students can learn how mathematical thinking and theories are applied in the real world directly from experts in the fields of IT, finance etc. This exposure helps students to reaffirm the importance of studying mathematics and gives them a chance to ponder new applications for the discipline.

By enrolling in this program, Master’s Program students can receive credits for “Advanced Lecture on Social Mathematics,” and undergraduate students (third- and fourth-year students) can receive credits for “Special Lecture on Computational Mathematics and Computer Science.”

Interested students from other Schools and Graduate Schools are welcome to apply, but they will not be able to earn credits.

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