Math for the G30 program

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Special Mathematics Lecture

Differential geometry (Fall 2024), (Fall 2018)

Graph theory (Spring 2024), (Spring 2020)

Introduction to stochastic calculus (Fall 2023)

Introduction to functional analysis (Spring 2023), (Fall 2019), (Spring 2017)

Groups and their representations (Fall 2022), (Spring 2018)

Introduction to data assimilation (Spring 2022)

Differential equations and dynamical systems (Fall 2021)

Introduction to probability (Spring 2021), (Fall 2017)

Statistics (Spring 2019)

Master courses

Introduction to stochastic calculus (Spring 2024)

Scattering theory for unitary operators (Spring 2023)

C*-algebraic methods in spectral theory (Spring 2022), (Spring 2014)

Graphs and epidemiology (Spring 2021)

K-theory for C*-algebras, and beyond (Spring 2020), (Spring 2015)

Operator theory on Hilbert spaces (Spring 2019)

Scattering theory (Spring 2018)

Dixmier traces (Spring 2017)

Hilbert space methods for quantum mechanics (Spring 2016)

Special Mathematics Seminar

List of seminars


Mixed seminar (Fall 2022)

Mixed seminar (Spring 2022)

Mixed seminar (Fall 2021)

Mixed seminar (Spring 2021)

Mixed seminar (Fall 2020)

Mixed seminar (Spring 2020)

Mixed seminar (Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and Fall 2019)

Mixed seminar (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)

Tuesday evening seminar (Fall 2017)

Mixed seminar (Spring 2017)

Master seminar (Spring and Fall 2016)

4th year seminar (Spring and Fall 2015)

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