Math for the G30 program, Spring 2015

Calculus II, Linear algebra II, Mathematics tutorial II

Anne-Katrin Herbig (, Rm. 331 in Sci. Bldg. A
Serge Richard (, Rm. 237 in Sci. Bldg. A

Calculus II

Registration code : 0055221
Lecturer : Anne-Katrin Herbig
Schedule : Friday (10:30 - 12.00) in room A34

Linear algebra II

Registration code : 0052221
Lecturer : Serge Richard
Schedule : Tuesday (10:30 - 12.00) in room C35

Mathematics tutorial II

Registration code : 0054421
Lecturer : Anne-Katrin Herbig and Serge Richard
Schedule : Thursday (14:45 - 16.15) in rooms 407 and 408 in Science Building A

An introduction to complex analysis : Suitable, More complicated
Quantum mechanics (first some history, and it is so important) : Short, Longer, In a different format
Quantum mechanics : Enormous, but accessible, More precise mathematically, but hard, Broad overview, just for fun
Group theory: Not fully understandable, but give an overview, Short, contains the main definitions, very strict, Accessible if read carefully

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