Math for the G30 program, Spring 2023

Calculus II, Mathematics tutorial 2a

Serge Richard (, Rm. 247 in Sci. Bldg. A

There is a major change: this course and the tutorial will be taught by prof. Chris Bourne, who is a new faculty member. The new webpage for this course is available here. I wish you a pleasant and interesting calculus course. Don't forget that you can also take additional math courses by joining the Special Mathematics Lecture.

Calculus II

Registration code : 0055311
Lecturer : Serge Richard
Schedule : Friday (1.00 - 2.30)

Mathematics tutorial 2a

Registration code : 0683070 (School of Science), 0889122 (School of Engineering), 0054421 (School of Law and Economics)
Lecturer : Serge Richard
Schedule : Thursday (3.30 - 4.15)

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