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Update: 2018/10/21


Research Calendar


Speaker / Title Toshiko Terakawa “Roles of tectonic stress and pore fluid pressure in earthquake generation
Date and Place November 14, 2018 (Wed) 15:00-16:00 at Mathematics Bldg., Room 509
This Week
10/ 15 (Mon) Seminar Yuya Matsumoto μp- and αp-actions on K3 surfaces in characteristic p
Seminar Yuzuru Inahama An introduction to para-controlled calculus
10/ 16 (Tue) Seminar Thierry Lévy Recent progress in 2-dimensional quantum Yang-Mills theory
10/ 18 (Thu) その他 Si Si On Hida distributions
Seminar Shota Inoue A relation between the estimate of S(t) and the zero density estimate in short intervals
Next Week
10/ 22 (Mon) Seminar Lin Peiqiang The second main theorem for hyperplanes in subgeneral position
Seminar Yutaka Terasawa Weak Solutions for a diffuse interface model for two-phase flows of incompressible fluids with different densities and nonlocal free energy
10/ 25 (Thu) Seminar Yuuya Yoshida On a new class of set containing arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions
After Next Week
11/ 9 (Fri) Seminar Michio Seto Theory of continuous de Branges-Rovnyak decomposition and its applications
11/ 13 (Tue) Seminar José M M Senovilla Field equations for general shells
11/ 14 (Wed) Colloquium [EDU] Toshiko Terakawa Roles of tectonic stress and pore fluid pressure in earthquake generation

[EDU] Educational(for non-experts)