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Update: 2019/12/14


Research Calendar


Speaker / Title Hideo Kozono “Lr-harmonic vector fields and Helmholtz-Weyl decomposition in 3D exterior domains
Date and Place January 15, 2020 (Wed) 15:00-16:00 at Mathematics Bldg., Room 509
This Week
12/ 9 (Mon) Seminar Tomoya Kato Boundedness of bilinear pseudo-differential operators with S0,0-type symbols
12/ 13 (Fri) Seminar [EDU] Ryotaro Harada Numbers in characteristic p
Next Week
12/ 16 (Mon) Seminar Kohei Nakao On time-periodic solutions to the Boussinesq equations in exterior domains
12/ 17 (Tue) Seminar Rafael Tiedra Spectral and scattering theory of one-dimensional coupled photonic crystals
12/ 20 (Fri) Seminar [EDU] Ryotaro Harada Functions in characteristic p
After Next Week
1/ 10 (Fri) Seminar [EDU] Ryotaro Harada Carlitz zeta values and Carlitz modules
1/ 15 (Wed) Colloquium [EDU] Hideo Kozono Lr-harmonic vector fields and Helmholtz-Weyl decomposition in 3D exterior domains
1/ 17 (Fri) Seminar [EDU] Ryotaro Harada Carlitz-Thakur multizeta values
1/ 27 (Mon) Seminar Kawabi Hiroshi Uniqueness of Dirichlet forms related to stochastic quantization of exp(Φ)2-measures in finite volume

[EDU] Educational(for non-experts)