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Update: 2017/11/18


Research Calendar

This Week
11/ 13 (Mon) Seminar Takayuki Koike Non-projective K3 surfaces containing Levi-flat hypersurfaces
11/ 14 (Tue) Seminar Yuji Odaka Tropical geometric compactification of Moduli spaces
Next Week
11/ 20 (Mon) Seminar Kento Fujita K-stability of log Fano hyperplane arrangements
Seminar Shohei Nakamura On the Strichartz estimates for orthonormal systems of initial data with regularity
11/ 24 (Fri) Seminar Sota Asai Bricks over preprojective algebras
Seminar Yuya Mizuno Preprojective algebra of Dynkin type and two-sided tilting complexes
After Next Week
11/ 27 (Mon) Seminar Hitoshi Tanaka The n-linear embedding theorem for dyadic rectangles
Seminar Takeo Ohsawa de Branges theorem
12/ 1 (Fri) Seminar Gautami Bhowmik Non-annulation of products of L-functions
12/ 4 (Mon) Seminar Shan Minjie Local well-posedness for the two-dimensional Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation
12/ 5 (Tue) Seminar Shunichiro Kinoshita The essence of the Blandford-Znajek process

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