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Update: 2018/01/20


Research Calendar


Speaker / Title Hiroshi Fujiwara “Numerical Analysis and Computation for Light Propagation in Tissue
Date and Place January 17, 2018 (Wed) 15:00-16:00 at Mathematics Bldg., Room 509
This Week
1/ 15 (Mon) Seminar Ken Abe Axisymmetric flows in an exterior domain
1/ 17 (Wed) Seminar Tsuyoshi Houri On integrability of the Killing equation
Colloquium [EDU] Hiroshi Fujiwara Numerical Analysis and Computation for Light Propagation in Tissue
1/ 19 (Fri) Seminar Waseem Alass On regular integers modulo n
Next Week
1/ 22 (Mon) Seminar Takaaki Nara Imaging of conductivity and permittivity of human bodies based on Dbar equations
Seminar Kota Saito Relations between existence of arithmetic progressions and Fractal dimensions
1/ 23 (Tue) Seminar Masahiro Shiota Kollar conjecture on Artins approximation theorem[update] [Canceled]
1/ 25 (Thu) Seminar Yuki Hirano Relative singular locus and Balmer spectrum of matrix factorizations
After Next Week
2/ 2 (Fri) Seminar Yoonbok Lee The a-values of the Riemann zeta function near the critical line

[EDU] Educational(for non-experts)