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Update: 2018/07/21


Research Calendar

This Week
7/ 20 (Fri) Seminar Yuta Suzuki On the Fujii-type explicit formula for the sum of two primes in arithmetic progressions (joint work with G. Bhowmik, K. Halupczok, and K. Matsumoto)
Next Week
7/ 27 (Fri) Seminar Shota Inoue Some explicit formulas for partial sums of Möbius functions
7/ 28 (Sat)– Conference/
Martin Gonzalez
Nils Matthes
Kenji Sakugawa
Mini-Workshop: Elliptic Multiple Zeta Values and Mixed Elliptic Motives
After Next Week
8/ 3 (Fri) Seminar Kota Saito Construction of a one-dimensional set which contains aymptotically and omnidirectionally arithmetic progressions
8/ 10 (Fri) Seminar Raivydas Simenas The value distribution of the Selberg zeta-function

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