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Update: 2018/04/22


Research Calendar


Speaker / Title Yoshimichi Ueda “Operator algebras and probability theory
Date and Place May 16, 2018 (Wed) 15:00-16:00 at Mathematics Bldg., Room 509
This Week
4/ 16 (Mon) Seminar Akira Ishii G-constellations and the maximal resolution of a quotient surface singularity
Seminar Takashi FURUYA The factorization method for some inverse acoustic scattering problems
4/ 17 (Tue) Seminar Hisashi Kasuya Techniques of Constructions of Variations of Mixed Hodge Structures
4/ 18 (Wed) Seminar Jongmyeong Kim A freeness criterion for spherical twists
4/ 19 (Thu) Seminar Ryosuke Sato Quantized VershikKerov Theory and q-deformed GelfandTsetlin graph
4/ 20 (Fri) Seminar Yuta Suzuki On error term estimate à la Walfisz for mean values of arithmetic functions
Next Week
4/ 23 (Mon) Seminar Hideki Inoue Topological Levinsons theorem counts infinitely many bound states
4/ 24 (Tue) Seminar Tsutomu Nakamura Cosupport and minimal pure-injective resolutions
4/ 26 (Thu) Seminar Mikael Pichot Puzzles and automorphisms of free groups
4/ 27 (Fri) Seminar Masahiro Mine "M-functions" for zeta functions of Hurwitz type
Seminar Masatoshi Suzuki On the Fourier transform of a function whose exponent involves the logarithmic derivative of the Riemann Xi-function
After Next Week
5/ 7 (Mon) Seminar Yuta Wakasugi Lp-Lq estimates for the damped wave equation and the critical exponent for the nonlinear problem with slowly decaying data
5/ 10 (Thu) Seminar Yusuke Isono Factoriality, Connes invariants and fullness of amalgamated free products
5/ 16 (Wed) Colloquium [EDU] Yoshimichi Ueda Operator algebras and probability theory
5/ 18 (Fri) Seminar Kohji Matsumoto On multiple Dirichlet series with arithmetic functions on the numerator

[EDU] Educational(for non-experts)