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Update: 2017/09/21


Research Calendar

This Week
9/ 19 (Tue) Seminar Akhil Mathew Algebraic K-theory, polynomial functors, and lambda-rings
9/ 21 (Thu) Seminar Steffen Oppermann Change of rings and singularity categories
Seminar Martin Herschend Wide subcategories of n-cluster tilting subcategories
Next Week
9/ 27 (Wed) Seminar Takaaki NOMURA From Hobsons formula to (O(n), sl(2))-duality via Hermite-Weber transformation
9/ 28 (Thu) Seminar Cyrille NANA Lebesgue mixed norm estimates for Bergman projectors: from tube domains over homogeneous cones to Homogeneous Siegel Domains of Type II
9/ 29 (Fri) Seminar Wataru Takeda Uniform upper bounds of ideal counting function for cubic fields
After Next Week
10/ 2 (Mon) Seminar Jayson Cunanan Smoothing estimates for the kinetic transport equation at the critical regularity

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