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Update: 2019/02/08


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  • In December 14, 2018, Osamu Iyama received the 35th Inoue Prize for Science by Inoue Foundation for Science. [Detail]
  • In June 2017, Prof. Osamu Iyama was selected as an invited speaker of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2018) to be held in August 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [Other Site] [ICM 2018]

Recent update

May 14 The program and abstracts of the conference “Discrete Groups and Moduli” were posted.
April 1 People’ was updated.
March 19 The link to The 19th International Conference, Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University “The 8th China–Japan–Korea International Symposium on Ring Theory” was created on “Research”.
6 Information of “Supersingular Abelian Varieties and Related Arithmetic” was posted.
1 Program of the conference “Information Geometry and Affine Differential Geometry III” was posted.
February 26 Information of application for Associate/Full Professor Position for the Global 30 Internatilnal Graduate Program in Mathematical Science was posted on “Job Opportunity”.
19 Program of the conference “Algebraic Geometry and Moduli Theory” was posted.
Recent Recipients and List of Recipients at “Research” were updated.