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Update: 2016/09/09


Admission Guide for International Students

Useful Links for International Students


  • A permanent positions of professorship are open now. (application deadline: October 17, 2016) [Detail]
  • A permanent positions of female principal investigator in natural sciences are open now. (application deadline: September 9, 2016) [Detail]
  • An assistant professorship with tenure track position is open now. (application deadline: September 30, 2016) [Detail]
  • In January 2016, Prof. Masahito Hayashi received the 12th (FY2015) Japan Academy Medal. [Detail]
  • In December 2015, Prof. Masahito Hayashi received the 12th (FY2015) JSPS Prize. [Detail]
  • At the 2015 autumn meeting of Mathematical Society of Japan, Prof. Mitsuru Sugimoto received the 14th Analysis Prize. [Detail]
  • In January 2015, Prof. Takeo Ohsawa received the Stefan Bergman Prize by American Mathematical Society. [Detail]

Recent update

August 24 Information of application for Professorship was posted on “Job Opportunity”.
16 Information of application for Female Principal Investigator in Natural Sciences was posted on “Job Opportunity”.
9 Information of application for Assistant Professorship was posted on “Job Opportunity”.