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Education - Doctoral Degree Requirement

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Update: 2023/12/07


Education Program

Doctoral Degree Requirement

Revised on May 1, 2020.

Doctoral students are awarded the doctoral degree (Ph. D.) to the following candidates:

  1. Students of the Graduate School of Mathematics who pursue the doctoral program and complete dissertation within 6 years.
  2. Students of the Graduate School of Mathematics who complete a dissertation in more than 6 years.
  3. Anyone with the ability to complete an acceptable doctoral dissertation regardless of whether or not they satisfy the doctoral degree requirements of the Graduate School of Mathematics.

The process of the doctoral degree award is as follows:

  1. Application/Submission,
  2. Preliminary Examination,
  3. Dissertation Defense,
  4. Degree Award.

(1) Application/Submission

Students are required to submit the following documents:

  • Dissertation* (Shu-Ronbun),
  • Sub-dissertation (Fuku-Ronbun),
  • Articles supporting evidence to be examined by the committee (Sankou-Ronbun),
  • List of articles previously published by the candidate* (Ronbun Mokuroku),
  • Summary of the Dissertation*,
  • Curriculum Vitae*.

* items above are obligatory.

Students who intend to get a doctoral degree must submit 3 sets of the above documents to the dean of the Graduate School of Mathematics*.

* Submission is accepted at the Office of Academic Affairs of the Graduate School of Mathematics.

Dissertation Format
The dissertation must contain an original discovery in the field of mathematics.
The sub-dissertation must be written in an academic style, acceptable by a journal. This may be co-written. If the dissertation itself is written as a journal-style article, the sub-dissertation can be identical to the dissertation.

(2) Preliminary Examination

The Preliminary Examination is designed to check if the dissertation satisfies the level and the quality expected in the Graduate School of Mathematics.

The Preliminary Examination Committee is composed of two or more professors appointed by the Doctoral Committee.

The Preliminary Examination Committee examines the thesis and reports its findings to the Doctoral Committee. The process typically takes 1 or 2 months.

(3) Dissertation Defense

After passing the preliminary examination, the Examination Committee will be set up with the approval of the Faculty.

The examination committee examines the scholarly merit and quality of the dissertation; this includes a public defense of the dissertation by the candidate. The committee is also responsible to check whether the candidate has properly met criticisms by the preliminary examination committee.

The examination committee reports the result to the Faculty. The Faculty votes to confirm the request to award the degree.

If the student aims to get a doctoral degree through the doctoral program in our department (see case A at the beginning of this page), he or she must do so within 6 years. During the defense period students are not permitted to revise the dissertation. They may be asked to edit for typing errors only. The examination committee decides the date of public defense in consultation with the student.

(4) Degree Award

The Graduate School of Mathematics submits a request for certification of the doctoral degree to the president of Nagoya University, and after a second vote to confirm the award by the faculty, the students who pass both the preliminary examination and the public defense are awarded the doctoral degree.

Therefore, if students wish to finish their study by the end of the school year in March, they are recommended to submit their thesis by early-December.

Those who are awarded a doctoral degree are no longer considered doctoral students. Therefore students who receive a scholarship should consult their doctoral committee concerning the date of the Faculty doctoral award decision.

Overview of Degree Award

Submission Pre-Examination 1st Faculty Meeting Defense 2nd Faculty Meeting Degree Award

Application Materials (Bylaws, Examples and Forms)