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Research Topics

This page is more or less obsolete, as I didn't update it since 1996. You can find my more recent works on my publications page.

Selective Lambda-Calculus. Transformation Calculus.

I am interested in the area going from lambda-calculus to type theory, including process calculi. I more particularly work on two groups of calculi, which are described in detail in my doctor thesis:

Selective Lambda-Calculus

The selective lambda-calculus extends lambda-calculus with what we call selective currying. That is the possibility of passing arguments to functions in any order thanks to a labeling based on both symbolic keywords and numerical indexes.

The following three papers are available.

The last paper was implemented as Objective Label . It is now included in Objective Caml.

Transformation Calculus

The transformation calculus is an extension of selective lambda-calculus. Namely a composition construct was added, which allows arguments to flow through terms seen as transformations.

These papers deal with it.

The toy language FIML is a strongly typed implementation of it.

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