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FIML is an acronym for Functional and Imperative ML. It is an extension of ML based on the transformation calculus. Its type system is an extension to transformations of that defined in The typed polymorphic selective lambda-calculus.

The current version is FIML V0.4. The syntax is completely changed from version 0.3, to enable one to write more naturaly imperative-style functional programs. From V0.3, it includes list and arithmetical primitives, and experimental Standard IO, to play with hidden labels (labels you cannot explicitely write). Version 0.4 implements an important new feature: pooled references. The idea is similar to state monads, but you can use as many pools as you want simultaneously, and independently of I/Os etc... The HTML manual and a sample session are available.

FIML-light V0.41 is the implementation of FIML for Caml-Light v0.5 to 0.7.

[QR] Query session, only locally.
[ZX] Interactive session, you must configure your browser.

You can get the FIML-light archive fiml41.tar.gz (32126 bytes), or fiml4.sit (59818 bytes, compressed for Macintosh)

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