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Update: 2024/06/15


Research Calendar


Speaker / Title Keisuke Izumi “Generalization of Riemannian Penrose Inequality
Date and Place June 12, 2024 (Wed) 15:00-16:00 at Mathematics Bldg., Room 509 and Zoom
This Week
6/ 12 (Wed) Colloquium [EDU] Keisuke Izumi Generalization of Riemannian Penrose Inequality
6/ 14 (Fri) Seminar Taro Yoshino Stable rationality of hypersurfaces in mock toric varieties
Next Week
6/ 17 (Mon) Seminar Kazuhiro Aoyama Asymptotic representation of time-periodic Navier-Stokes flows in 3D with asymptotically homogenious forcing
06/ 17 (Mon)– Intensive Lecture [EDU] Toshiyasu Arai Introduction to Mathematical Logic
6/ 21 (Fri) Seminar Tatuki Yamaguchi On the behavior of adjoint ideals under pure morphisms
After Next Week
06/ 24 (Mon)– Intensive Lecture [EDU] JUNK Stefan The concentration of measure phenomenon
07/ 01 (Mon)– Intensive Lecture [EDU] Futoshi Hayasaka Integrally closed modules over two-dimensional regular local rings
7/ 26 (Fri) Seminar Sho Tanimoto Campana rationally connectedness and weak approximation

[EDU] Educational (for non-experts)