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Update: 2018/06/19


Research Calendar

This Week
6/ 18 (Mon) Seminar Hiroyuki Takamura Wave-like blow-up for semilinear damped wave equations
6/ 22 (Fri) Seminar Koji Tasaka A sum formula of iterated integrals on the projective line minus four points
Next Week
6/ 28 (Thu) Seminar Jérémy Faupin Scattering theory for dissipative quantum systems
6/ 29 (Fri) Seminar Nao Komiyama On product formulae of desingularized values of multiple zeta-functions
After Next Week
7/ 2 (Mon) Seminar Hiroyuki Hirayama Well-posedness for the Zakharov-Kuznetsov-Burgers equation in two space dimensions
7/ 10 (Tue) Seminar Hiroshi Ando Structure of bicentralizer algebras and inclusions of type III factors

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