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Special Fund “Mathematics Students Support Program”

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Update: 2019/09/06

Nagoya University Foundation

Special Fund “Mathematics Students Support Program”

For education of young people with mathematical proficiencies and global visions.

Purpose of the Fund

The Graduate School of Mathematics has established Mathematics Students Support Program to foster talents with mathematical proficiencies and global visions and to develop education and research environments to implement it.

Greeting from the Dean

Dean Prof. Soichi Okada

Graduate School of Mathematics was established in 1995 and has carried out mathematical sciences education and research. Other than performing research at the highest level, our most important mission is to foster talents with mathematical proficiencies and global visions. In order to accomplish this mission, we have been doing various unique activities to help students develop their research and educational abilities, In recent years, education and research exchanges with countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia are also being enhanced. We intend to further enhance student support and educational and research environment. We would appreciate your understanding and warm support.

Description of the Fund

The funds donated will be used for the following projects to support students of Graduate School of Mathematics. For donation limited to the purpose of use, we will respect the intention of the donator.

  • Mathematical sciences scholarship
    Scholarships will be paid to students who are in economic difficulty.
  • Support for students and postdocs
    We will assist with domestic travel expenses and overseas travel costs for attending research meetings etc.
  • Support for educational development of students
    We will support students engaged in educational activities as tutors.
  • Support for International students
    We will provide international students with travel and living expenses.
  • Mathematical Sciences Thesis Award
    We will recognize students who have written excellent master’s theses.
  • Improvement of educational and research environment
    We will develop the electronic equipment environment for the lecture/seminar rooms, the students’ computer room, and the refreshing space.
Discussion at the open space Freshers seminar Internatinal exchange event