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Job Opportunity - 2022 Full Professor

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Update: 2022/07/19

Job Opportunity

Full Professor Position (application deadline: September 20, 2022)

Position Announcement

July 19, 2022

Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University
Professor Search Committee

We solicit applications for the following faculty positions.

Positions Available:
Three full professorships (Candidates are expected to give courses in Japanese or English, and requested to give courses in Japanese after 3 years.)
Research Area:
Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
Date of Appointment:
As soon as possible after April 1, 2023.
Deadline for Application:
September 20, 2022, 23:59JST (UTC+0900)
Application Materials:
Consolidate the following information (1–7) into a single PDF file (up to 10MB) and submit it at the application website:
  1. Curriculum Vitae including the following information:
    • name,
    • date of birth,
    • current affiliation and title of position,
    • year and source of Ph.D.,
    • educational history and professional experience,
    • address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  2. List of publications (including preprints), selected talks, grants, etc.,
  3. Brief description of selected publications (attach the PDF files of selected publications; or provide the DOI or URL if the limit 10MB is not sufficient),
  4. Research plan,
  5. Teaching experience and the statement of the candidate's policy about teaching and administration (about 1 page for the statement),
  6. Names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses of three references who know your work,
  7. Declaration of applicable specific categories (and evidences if necessary; see item 5. of Notes below).
How to apply:
Please visit the following online submission page, fill out the required items and upload a PDF file of the application material.
Online Submission for Full Professor Position
Contact to:
Inquiries should be addressed to
  1. It is possible to apply for other announced positions in our department as well.
  2. The application materials will be disposed of appropriately as soon as the screening process is over.
  3. Please indicate in your CV if there are life events (such as childbirth, elderly care, etc.) that you wish to be considered by the search committee.
  4. Nagoya University promotes equal employment opportunity for female researchers. Please refer to:
  5. In November 2021, in accordance with the clarification of the scope of control for “deemed exports” under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (“FEFTA”), some provision of sensitive technology to faculty members by universities and research institutions has become subject to control under the FEFTA. Consistently with this change, when applying for faculty positions, the applicant will be required to submit a “Declaration of applicable specific categories” based on the “Flowchart for determining applicable specific categories.” Successful applicants will also be required to submit a “Letter of confirmation” at the time of the recruitment. Please download the form from the following links.