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Update: 2012/09/24


Educational Program Features

The role of mathematics in society has steadily expanded in the 21st century. The Graduate School of Mathematics, which aims to develop mathematicians who can contribute to society in this new century, has created a new graduate-level educational program. We would like everyone around Japan, not only Nagoya University School of Science Department of Mathematics majors but also students in other departments in the world, to learn about our program and use this information to help them decide on a graduate school.

Five Reasons to Choose the Graduate School of Mathematics

1. An Original Curriculum Based on Independence and Variety
The most important aspect of learning mathematics is academic freedom. Students can fully develop their capabilities in an atmosphere of openness at the Graduate School of Mathematics.
2. Outstanding Research Organization
The Graduate School of Mathematics is home to several world-renowned faculty members who are extremely active in their pursuit of research. Attending their research seminars will expose you to the cutting edge of mathematics and naturally open up paths toward a future in mathematics for you.
3. Full Range of Campus Facilities and a Pleasant Living Environment
The Graduate School is located in a beautiful building infused with new design concepts. Nagoya is a very livable urban center. You can enjoy student life in a comfortable living environment.
4. Excellent Libraries and Computer Labs to Support Your Learning and Research
The University has well-stocked libraries and state-of-the-art computer labs to provide you with the utmost support in your self-directed learning and research endeavors.
5. A Spectrum of Career Possibilities after Graduation
Your time at the Graduate School will prepare you for a wide range of career possibilities, including research positions.