Welcome @ math G30

Dear students,

Welcome to Nagoya University! This message is sent to you by the math professors of the G30 program.

First of all, we would like to encourage you to attend some math courses. For some of you, it is compulsory, but if it is not your case, then you can still register for some courses and get credits for them. In the past, we had students from Economics, humanities, or JACS attending some math courses, and they enjoyed (and have been successful). Give it a try, and you won't regret it.

During your first semester in Nagoya, you can take the following courses: Calculus and the related Math tutorial 1a, Linear algebra and the related Math tutorial 1b, Remedial mathematics, and Introduction to contemporary mathematics.

Remedial mathematics is an additional help mainly related to the calculus lectures. You can register for it, but you won't get credits for graduation from this course. Introduction to contemporary mathematics is intended for JACS and social science students. About the tutorial: It is possible to attend both Math tutorial Ia and Ib: they are mentioned at the same time slot, but they are conducted successively for 45 minutes. Don't hesitate to register for both.

The websites mentioned above will be updated regularly. You can also contact the lecturers: Henrik Bachmann, Chris Bourne, and Serge Richard.

There will be no assessment test in 2024, but we encourage you to look at the assessment test of 2021, and to test your abilities: if you face problems with some questions, you should probably look at the corresponding material provided for example at the following links:

Course "Pre-college Mathematics" provided by Professor Ishida

Khan Academy

3Blue1Brown Linear Algebra course

See you soon in Nagoya, and enjoy your summer break. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.