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Quantum Information: An Introduction
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Springer-Verlag 2006
ISBN 3-540-30265-4

Masahito Hayashi

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Recently, quantum information theory has been developing through a fusion of results from various research fields. This requires that understanding of basic results on diverse topics, and derived from different disciplinary perspectives, is required for appreciating the overall picture. Intended to merge key topics from both the information-theoretic and quantum- mechanical viewpoints, this graduate-level textbook provides a unified viewpoint of quantum information theory and lucid explanations of those basic results, so that the reader fundamentally grasps advances and challenges. For example, advanced topics in quantum communication such as quantum teleportation, superdense coding, quantum state transmission (quantum error-correction), and quantum encryption especially benefit from this unified approach. Unlike earlier treatments, the text requires knowledge of only linear algebra, probability theory, and quantum mechanics, while it treats the topics of quantum hypothesis testing and the discrimination of quantum states, and quantum channel coding (message transmission) with the minimal amount of math needed to convey their essence. Solving the more than 330 exercises provides readers with practice that not only enriches their knowledge of quantum information theory, but also can equip them with the techniques necessary for pursuing their own research in this field.


World Scientific Publishing 2005
ISBN 981-256-015-7

edited by Masahito Hayashi

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Quantum statistical inference, a research field with deep roots in the foundations of both quantum physics and mathematical statistics, has made remarkable progress since 1990. In particular, its asymptotic theory has been developed during this period. However, there has hitherto been no book covering this remarkable progress after 1990; the famous textbooks by Holevo and Helstrom deal only with research results in the earlier stage (1960s-1970s). This book presents the important and recent results of quantum statistical inference. It focuses on the asymptotic theory, which is one of the central issues of mathematical statistics and had not been investigated in quantum statistical inference until the early 1980s. It contains outstanding papers after Holevo's textbook, some of which are of great importance but are not available now.

The reader is expected to have only elementary mathematical knowledge, and therefore much of the content will be accessible to graduate students as well as research workers in related fields. Introductions to quantum statistical inference have been specially written for the book. Asymptotic Theory of Quantum Statistical Inference: Selected Papers will give the reader a new insight into physics and statistical inference.

Editorial Board: Ascheron, C.E. Koelsch, H.J. B.

Quantum Computation and Information: From Theory to Experiment
(Here is online version.)

Springer, 2006
ISSN 3-540-33132-8

Edited by Hiroshi Imai and Masahito Hayashi
Topics in Applied Physics 102

Table of Contents

Recently, the field of quantum computation and information has been developing through a fusion of results from various research fields in theoretical and practical areas. This book consists of the reviews of selected topics charterized by great progress and cover the field from theoretical areas to experimental ones. It contains fundamental areas, quantum query complexity, quantum statistical inference, quantum cloning, quantum entanglement, additivity. It treats three types of quantum security system, quantum public key cryptography, quantum key distribution, and quantum steganography. A photonic system is highlighted for the realization of quantum information processing.

Japanese books:


2004年5月発行, ISSN 4910054700541
サイエンス社 (別冊・数理科学  SGCライブラリ 32)

林 正人

「量子情報理論」は近年急速な展開を遂げている.本書はその基礎から最先端の話題までを,初等的な知識のみを仮定し,可能な限りシンプルな議論で解説しました. 上記「Quantum Information: An Introduction」の元になった本です.ただし,英語版では大幅に増補改訂を行いました.

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