Quantum Computation and Information:
From Theory to Experiment

edited by Hiroshi Imai and Masahito Hayashi
Topics in Applied Physics 102, Springer, 2006, ISSN 3-540-33132-8

Recently, the field of quantum computation and information has been developing through a fusion of results from various research fields in theoretical and practical areas. This book consists of the reviews of selected topics characterized by great progress and covers the field from theoretical areas to experimental ones. It contains fundamental areas, quantum query complexity, quantum statistical inference, quantum cloning, quantum entanglement, additivity. It treats three types of quantum security system, quantum public key cryptography, quantum key distribution, and quantum steganography. A photonic system is highlighted for the realization of quantum information processing..




Part I: Quantum Computation
Chapter 1 Quantum Identification of Boolean Oracles
Andris Ambainis, Kazuo Iwama, Akinori Kawachi, Rudy Raymond and Shigeru Yamashita
Chapter 2 Query Complexity of Quantum Biased Oracles
Kazuo Iwama, Rudy Raymond and Shigeru Yamashita

Part II Quantum Information
Chapter 3 Quantum Statistical Inference
Masahito Hayashi
Chapter 4 Quantum Cloning Machines
Heng Fan
Chapter 5 Entanglement and Quantum Error Correction
Tohya Hiroshima and Masahito Hayashi
Chapter 6 On Additivity Questions
Keiji Matsumoto

Part III Quantum Security
Chapter 7 Quantum Computational Cryptography
Akinori Kawachi and Takeshi Koshiba
Chapter 8 Quantum key distribution: security, feasibility and robustness
Xiang-Bin Wang
Chapter 9 Why Quantum Steganography Can Be Stronger Than Classical Steganography
Shin Natori

Part IV Realization of Qauntum Information System
Chapter 10 Photonic realization of quantum information systems
Akihisa Tomita and Bao-Sen Shi