Warsaw: The big de Rham-Witt complex, Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Warsaw, July 15-19, 2013.
Hanoi: The big de Rham-Witt complex, Pan Asian Number Theory Conference, Hanoi, July 22-26, 2013.
Berkeley: Topological cyclic homology, MSRI Evans Lecture, Berkeley, January 27, 2014.
Stanford: The big de Rham-Witt complex, Colloquium, Stanford, April 10, 2014.
Indianapolis: The big de Rham-Witt complex, Colloquium, IUPUI, April 18, 2014.
Midwest Topology Seminar: The K-theory assembly map, IUPUI, April 19, 2014.
Regensburg: Topological cyclic homology and the p-adic L-function, University of Regensburg, September 25, 2014.
Bonn: The big de Rham-Witt complex, Number Theory and Noncommutative Geomery, Bonn, November 26, 2014.
Copenhagen: Numbers - New and Old, lecture at meeting for alumni, Copenhagen, September 5, 2015.
Oxford: Topological Hochschild homology and periodicity, Algebraic Topology: manifolds unlocking higher structures, Oxford, October 1, 2015.
Bonn: Topological Hochschild homology - Periodic topological cyclic homology, HCM Workshop: Recent developments in integral p-adic cohomology theories, Bonn, February 29 and March 1, 2016.
Bonn: Around topological Hochschild homology, Felix Klein Lectures, Bonn, November 8, 11, 15, and 18, 2016.
Cambridge: Higher algebra and arithmetic, Rothschild Lecture, Isaac Newton Institute, October 8, 2018.