SL100 Fourth Announcement
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International Conference


Lie Groups, Geometric Structures and Differential Equations

--- One Hundred Years after Sophus Lie ---

December 13 (Monday) - 17 (Friday), 1999
Research Institute for Mathematical Science, Kyoto University

Decembe 19 (Sunday) - 21 (Tuesday), 1999
Memorial Hall, Nara Women's University

Supported by

Grants-in-aid for Basic Scientific Research, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Japan,
Research Institute for Mathematical Science, Kyoto University,
Nara Women's University

Organizing Committee

B. Komrakov, M. Kuranishi, B. Malgrange, T. Morimoto (chairman), H. Sato, K. Yamaguchi


December 13 (Monday)

 9:00-- 9:15     Opening 
 9:30--10:30     M.Kuranishi (Columbia Univ.)
   Lie groups and complex analysis
11:00--12:00     P.Tomter (Univ. of Oslo)
   Isometric immersions of homogeneous spaces
13:30--14:30     S.Kaneyuki (Sophia Univ.)
   Recent development in geometry of parahermitian symmetric spaces
15:00--16:00     J.Slovak (Masaryk Univ.,Brno)
   Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand sequences
16:30--17:30     K.Yamaguchi (Hokkaido Univ.)
   Geometry of higher order differential equations of finite type 
   associated with symmetric spaces

December 14 (Tuesday)

9:30--10:30 B. Komrakov (Kazan State Univ., International Sophus Lie Centre) Transformation groups and geometric structures (on some Sophus Lie ideas in differential equations) 11:00--12:00 J. P. Ramis (Univ. of Toulouse) Differential Galois group and integrability of hamiltonian systems 13:30--14:30 A. Onishchik (Yaroslavl State Univ., International Sophus Lie Centre) Supermanifolds associated with the cotangent bundle 15:00--16:00 A. Cap (Univ. of Wien) Almost CR-manifolds of CR-dimension and codimension two 16:30--17:30 H. Umemura (Nagoya Univ.) Lie-Drach-Vessiot Theory and Painlevé equations 18:30--20:30 Reception

December 15 (Wednesday)

9:30--10:30 K. Saito (RIMS, Kyoto Univ.) Elliptic Lie Algebra (beyond Kac-Moody Algebra) 11:00--12:00 B. Malgrange (Institut Fourier) On the characteristic variety of analytic differential systems 13:30--17:00 Excursion in Kyoto

December 16 (Thursday)

9:30--10:30 T. Nomura (Kyoto Univ.) Berezin transforms and Laplace-Beltrami operators on homogeneous Siegel domains -- commutativity, symmetry of the domain and a Cayley transform -- 11:00--12:00 O. Mathieu (Univ. of Lyon) TBA 13:30--14:30 S. J. Cheng (National Cheng-Kung Univ.) Infinite-dimensional simple transitive Lie superalgebras of vector fields 15:00--16:00 M. Wakimoto (Kyushu Univ.) Some aspects of representation theory of affine Lie superalgebras 16:30--17:30 H. Urakawa (Tohoku Univ.) Yang-Mills theory in Einstein-Weyl geometry and affine geometry

December 17 (Friday)

9:30--10:30 H. Sato (Nagoya Univ.) Construction of contact diffeomorphisms from Schwarzian derivatives 11:00--12:00 H. Goldschmidt (Columbia Univ.) Infinitesimal spectral rigidity of symmetric spaces 13:30--14:30 B. Doubrov (Kazan State Univ., International Sophus Lie Centre) Contact invariants of ordinary differential equations 15:00--16:00 P. J. Olver (University of Minnesota) Moving frames --- in geometry, invariant theory, computer vision and numerical analysis 16:30--17:30 D. Tunitsky (International Sophus Lie Centre) Global multivalued solutions of Monge-Ampère equations (with computer program demonstration)

December 18 (Saturday)

13:00--16:00 Sumoh and Noh in the Nara Park

December 19 (Sunday)

9:30--10:30 H. Omori, A. Yoshioka (Science Univ. of Tokyo) and Y. Maeda (Keio Univ.) Anomalous exponent of quadratics in deformation quantizations 11:00--12:00 S. Gindikin (Rutgers Univ.) Complex integral geometry on real semisimple Lie groups 14:00--17:00 Excursion to Horyuji

December 20 (Monday)

9:30--10:30 G. Ishikawa (Hokkaido Univ.) Recent results on developable submanifolds Examples and classifications 11:00--12:00 R. Bryant (Duke Univ.) On some applications of Cartan's generalization of Lie's Third Fundamental Theorem 13:30--14:30 R. Miyaoka (Sophia Univ.) Lie sphere geometry and Lie contact structure 15:00--16:00 J. Krasil'shchik (Moscow Independent Univ., International Sophus Lie Centre) Complete integrability of nonlinear PDE and supersymmetry 16:30--17:30 P. Kersten (Univ. of Twente) Supersymmetries and recursion operators for N=2 supersymmetric KdV-equation

December 21 (Tuesday)

9:00--10:00 K. Kiyohara (Hokkaido Univ.) On manifolds whose geodesic flows are integrable 10:15--11:15 J. Conn (Univ. of Minnesota) Levi-Malcev theorems in smooth Poisson algebras 11:30--12:30 T. Morimoto (Nara Women's Univ.) Geometric structures and differential equations on filtered manifolds 13:30--15:00 Farewell dinner

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