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Update: 2022/10/18


Financial Assistance


The Graduate School itself does not offer scholarships, but many other institutions do provide scholarships for foreign students enrolling in Japanese universities.

Japanese Student Service Organization (JASSO) and Japanese Government Scholarships

Their scholarships are described on the JASSO page.

Here is some extra information on the various available scholarships.

Nagoya University Doctoral Education Consortium

Prospective doctor course students can apply to the THERS Interdisciplinary Frontier Next Generation Researcher and Nagoya University Interdisciplinary Frontier Fellowship programs.

Note that you can apply even before the entrance examination. Contact your prospective advisor if you intend to do so.

After Admission

Even if you did not apply to a scolarship before admission to the University, the Graduate Schools of Mathematics and Sciences may be able to present you to some of the scholarships available to the University (both public and private).