Mathematical Society of Japan - 10th International Research Institute

August 1 - 10, 2001,   Sophia University,  Tokyo

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Speakers (as of July 2001) :
H. H. Andersen  (Aarhus University )   abstract
S. Ariki   (Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine)    abstract
S. Arkhipov   (Independent Univ. of Moscow)   abstract
R. Bezrukavnikov (University of Chicago )   abstract
M. Broue (Institut Henri Poincare )    abstract
C. W. Curtis (University of Oregon)   abstract
A. Gyoja (Nagoya University )   abstract
J.C. Jantzen (Aarhus University )   abstract
M. Kaneda (Osaka City University )   abstract
S.-J. Kang (Seoul National University )   abstract
M. Kashiwara (RIMS,   Kyoto University )   abstract
N. Kawanaka (Osaka University )   abstract
A. N. Kirillov (RIMS, Kyoto University)   abstract
A. Kleshchev (University of Oregon)   abstract
G.I. Lehrer (University of Sydney )   abstract
G. Lusztig ( MIT )   abstract
A. Mathas (University of Sydney )   abstract
O. Mathieu (Universite Claude Bernard Lyon I )   abstract
S. Naito (Tsukuba Univsesity )   abstract
H. Nakajima (Kyoto University )    abstract
M. Noumi (Kobe University)   abstract
V. Ostrik ( Independent University of Moscow )   abstract
K. Saito (RIMS, Kyoto University )    abstract
T. Shoji (Science Univ. of Tokyo)    abstract
T. A. Springer (Utrecht University )   abstract
T. Tanisaki (Hiroshima University )   abstract
E. Vasserot (Universite de Cergy-Pontoise )   abstract
N. Xi ( Chinese Academy of Sciences )   abstract
A. Zelevinsky (Northeastern University )    abstract
This conference will focus on recent developements of the representation theory of algebraic groups and quantum groups,  especially on the topics such as modular representations of algebraic groups,  representations of quantum groups and crystal bases,  representations of affine Lie algebras,  representations of affine Hecke algebras, modular or ordinary representations of finite Chevalley groups,  representations of complex reflection groups and associated Hecke algebras.

The proceedings of the conference will be published by the Mathematical Society of Japan in the series Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics.

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Preprint Buffet :
There will be a Preprint Buffet  throughout the conference.    All the participants are invited to bring copies of recent preprints and reprints for displaying in a room, where coffee and refreshments will also be served during the conference.

Funding :

Some funds will be available for travel and lodging support.   Please contact us by e-mail or Fax. Especially young mathematicians are welcome to the conference. If you are Ph.D's students, postdoc students within 5 years after getting Ph.D, and you wish to be considered for such funding, please fill in the appropriate part of the registration form (see below).
Registration :
Participants are requested to register in advance to the conference.   Please fill out the following registarion form and send it to us by the end of June, 2001.   The registration fee is expected to be 2000 ~ 3000 yen, and will be collected at the registration desk of the conference.    The fee will be used to prepare brochures and refreshments of the conference.
An electronic registration form is available here. 
A printable registration form ( ps file,  dvi file ) is available here
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Lodging and Travel :
Hotels in the central part of Tokyo are, in general, rather expensive. We have blocked the following two hotels for the conference. If you want us to book the hotel, please let us know the necessary information, such as the name of the hotel, the type of the room, the date of arrival, and the date of depature by e-mail or fax.. Please be sure to send it to us before the end of June, 2001.
If you are interested in other hotels in Tokyo, please make your own hotel reservation. You will find some infromation from here ( city hotels in Tokyo ) on the accomodation in Tokyo. In Shinjuku, Ikebukuro area, there are some hotels, which are not so expensive and convenient to get to the campus (by train or subway).

From Narita airport to the downtown of Tokyo, trains or buses are available. The trains leave from the underground level of the terminal building. JR Narita express connects the airport with JR Tokyo station, while Keisei skyliner connects it with Keisei Ueno station. It takes roughly one hour by either of them. Limousine buses connect the airport with Tokyo city air terminal or JR Tokyo station. It takes one hour or one hour and a half.

Sophia University is located on the central part of Tokyo. The nearest station is JR Yotsuya station. It takes 15 minutes from Tokyo to Yotsuya by JR chuo-line. You may also use a subway, Marunouchi-line or Nanboku-line, to get to Yotsuya. After going out the wicket of JR Yotsuya station, follow the direction to Kojimachi exit. Then you will soon find a modern catholic church (St. Ignatius church) at the opposite side of the big street, which is a part of the university campus. It is just 5 minutes walk from the station to the campus.

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Organizing Committee :
T. Shoji (chair),  M. Kashiwara,  N. Kawanaka,  G. Lusztig,  K. Shinoda

The conference is being supported by grants from the Mathematical Society of Japan, and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, as well as by grants from the Japan Association for Mathematical Sciences.

For further information please contact the following:

Toshiaki Shoji
Department of Mathematics
Science University of Tokyo
Noda, Chiba, 278-8510, Japan
Tel: +81-471-24-1501 ext. 3106
Fax: +81-471-23-9762
OR  Ken-ichi Shinoda 
Department of Mathematics
Sophia University
7 - 1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 102-8554, Japan
Tel/Fax: +81-3-3238-3466
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Reception :
There will be a reception on August 9 (Thu) from 18:30 at Diamond Hotel. All the participants are welcome to the party. The admission fee will be collected at the registration desk of the conference.

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