Higher Residue Week, 2016 (June. 6 –10, 2016)

Higher Residue Week, 2016 (June 6 –10, 2016)

We have two days workshop on June 6,7. After that, Dr. Dmytro Shklyarov (Chemnitz) gives a series of lectures during June 8-10. All talks will be given in the following place.

Venue: Seminar Room B, Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa Campus, University of Tokyo

Workshop Speakers (June 6-7): Changzheng Li (IBS-CGP), Todor Milanov (IPMU), Hiroshi Ohta (Nagoya), Kyoji Saito (IPMU), Fumihiko Sanda (Nagoya), Yuuki Shiraishi (Kyoto), Dmytro Shklyarlov (Chemnitz)

Series lectures (June 8-10) by Dmytro Shklyarlov (Chemnitz):

``An interplay between Hodge theoretic and categorical invariants of singularities"

Organizers: Hiroshi Ohta (Nagoya), Kyoji Saito (IPMU), Atsushi Takahashi (Osaka)

This workshop is supported by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research # 15H02054, 25247004, 16H06337.

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