Representation Theory of Chevalley Groups and Related Topics

The conference in honor of Toshiaki Shoji on the occasion of his retirement from Nagoya University.

March 12 - 16, 2012

Room 509 - Science Building 1
Graduate School of Mathematics
Nagoya University,  Nagoya

Speakers include:
T. Arakawa   (Kyoto)    abstract
C. Bonnafé   (Montpellier)    abstract
J. Enyang   (Melbourne)    abstract
M. Geck   (Aberdeen)    abstract
O. Iyama   (Nagoya)    abstract
M. Kaneda   (Osaka)    abstract
S. Kato   (Kyoto)    abstract
N. Kawanaka   (Hyogo)    abstract
G. Lehrer   (Sydney)    abstract
F. Lübeck   (Aachen)    abstract
G. Lusztig   (Boston)    abstract
J. Michel   (Paris)    abstract
T. Nakanishi   (Nagoya)    abstract
H. Ochiai   (Kyushu)    abstract
S. Okada   (Nagoya)    abstract
N. Sawada   (Tokyo)    (cancelled)
K. Shinoda   (Tokyo)    abstract
K. Sorlin   (Amiens)    abstract
T. Tanisaki   (Osaka)    abstract
K. Wada   (Shinshu)    abstract

Prof.T. Shoji is going to give his final lecture "Characters, character sheaves and beyond" as a Nagoya Univeristy staff on Wednesday, 13:00-14:00. Updated Info He confirmed that he is going to talk in ENGLISH on the contrary to the previous announcement on his final lecture. The room for talk is identical with the conference one, Sci Bld 1-509. (Sorry for the previous confusing information.)

  Professor Toshiaki Shoji is going to retire from Nagoya university at the end of March 2012. Professor Shoji's many remarkable contributions to representation theory, and the Representation Theory of Chevalley groups (finite groups of Lie type) in particular, include his proof of Lusztig's conjecture on the character values of finite Chevalley groups with connected centres. On this occasion, we shall host conference on Professor Shoji's research area and related topics. This conference will focus on representations of Chevalley groups and related topics.
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Registration :
Advance registration is not necessary for this conference. Participants are asked to register at the registration desk in the conference hall after arrival.
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Travel information :

Nagoya is located between Tokyo and Kyoto, 360km west of Tokyo. To reach Nagoya from overseas, one can either fly to Tokyo, Osaka, or directly to Nagoya. Detailed information on travel to Nagoya, hotels in the city, access to Nagoya University, and general information on travel in Japan can be found below.

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Organizers :
T. Arakawa,  J. Enyang,  H. Miyachi,  N. Sawada,   K. Sorlin,  K. Wada. 

For further information please contact the following:

Hyohe Miyachi
Graduate School of Mathematics
Nagoya University
Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-8602, Japan
Tel: +81-52-789-2834
Fax: +81-52-789-5397
e-mail: miyachi at
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Banquet :
The Banquet will be at Hananoki in Nagoya University Campus on Wednesday (18:00/14/March/2011). For the location, please enter the code "35.155519, 136.969709" into Google map.