Mathematics Tutorial II

Welcome to the course website for Mathematics Tutorial in the G30 program.


Lecturers Laurent Demonet (office: A-329**, e-mail: demonet (at) math (dot) nagoya-u (dot) ac (dot) jp)
Martin Herschend (office: A-331**, e-mail: martinh (at) math (dot) nagoya-u (dot) ac (dot) jp)
Teaching Assistants Dong Xin (office: I-253*, e-mail: 1987xindong (at) tongji (dot) edu (dot) cn)
Liu Xu (office: I-253*, e-mail: x10001c (at) math (dot) nagoya-u (dot) ac (dot) jp)
Time Thursdays, period 4 (14:45-16:15)
Place Room A-407*
Plan Preliminary version

* Rooms starting with "A-" or "I-" are in the School of Science Building A or Graduate School of Mathematics Building respectively (numbers D3(2) and D3(4) on this map).


Susan J. Colley, Vector Calculus, Prentice Hall, 2005. ISBN 0131858742.

Otto Bretscher, Linear Algebra with Applications, Prentice Hall, 2008. ISBN 0136009263.


Grades will be determined based on four assessed courseworks and four small tests (two of each in Linear Algebra and two of each in Calculus). The assessed courseworks should be handed in just before the corresponding test. The tests will in total give up to 60 points and the assessed courseworks will give up to 40 points. Grades will be assigned according to the scale S: 90-100, A: 80-89, B: 70-79, C: 60-69, F:0-59.

Assessed coursework 1 (Calculus). Hand in before May 16, 14:45. Solutions

Assessed coursework 2 (Linear Algebra). Hand in before May 23, 14:45. Solutions

Assessed coursework 3 (Linear Algebra). Hand in before July 4, 14:45. Solutions

Assessed coursework 4 (Calculus). Hand in before July 11, 14:45.

Test 1 (Calculus).

Test 2 (Linear Algebra).


There is a forum where you can pose questions relating to the course.