Nagoya–Tongji Joint Workshop on Bergman Kernel

Updated on August 22nd, 2012



Wednesday, August 22nd

13:30 Registration / Opening Remarks
14:00 王艳艳 Wang Yanyan (名古屋大学 Nagoya Univ.)
On the paramater dependence of Bergman kernels
15:00 王煦 Wang Xu (同济大學 Tongji Univ.)
On the Bergman kernels of Kähler hyperbolic manifolds
Tea Break
16:20 久本智之 Hisamoto Tomoyuki (東京大学 Univ. of Tokyo)
On the gradient of Aubin-Mabuchi energy

Thursday, August 23rd

09:00 陈伯勇 Chen Boyong (同济大學 Tongji Univ.)
Some problems concerning the Bergman kernel
10:00 孟庆媛 Meng Qingyuan (同济大學 Tongji Univ.)
On the corona problem
Tea Break
11:20 董欣 Dong Xin (名古屋大学 Nagoya Univ. / 同济大學 Tongji Univ.)
Suita conjecture for compact Riemann surfaces
14:00 颜启明 Yan Qiming (同济大學 Tongji Univ.)
The degenerated second main theorem for holomorphic curves into Pn(C) intersecting hypersurfaces
15:00 菊田伸 Kikuta Shin (上智大学 Sophia Univ.)
Numerical relations between Carathéodory measure hyperbolicity and positivity of canonical bundle or cotangent bundle
Tea Break
16:20 足立真訓 Adachi Masanori (名古屋大学 Nagoya Univ.)
On an embedding problem of compact Levi-flat manifolds

Friday, August 24th

09:00 邓富声 Deng Fusheng (中国科学院 The Chinese Academy of Sciences)
On complexification of analytic manifolds
10:00 吴菊杰 Wu Jujie (同济大學 Tongji Univ.)
Weighted L2 approximation of holomorphic functions by polynomials
Tea Break
11:20 刘旭 Liu Xu (名古屋大学 Nagoya Univ.)
Probabilistic applications in several complex variables
12:20 Closing Remarks

Other participants