" D-branes and Mirror Symmetry "

Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences

February/5-February/8, 2002.

In recent developments in superstring theory D-branes and mirror symmetry have played significant roles and it turned out that it is important to have close communications with related developments in mathematics.
The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity of communications between string theorists and mathematicians and to discuss prospects of future developments.

[Outside Invited Speakers]

[Domestic Invited Speakers]

[Date and Place]

From 5(Tues) to 8(Fri) of February, 2002

At Auditorium (Room 420) in Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

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Date Morning (I) Morning (II) Afternoon (I) Afternoon (II)
5 Feb. no talk no talk Aspinwall Goto
6 Feb. Joyce (part 1) Nakatsu Ito Yasui
7 Feb. Hori (part 1) Takayanagi Ohta Joyce (part 2)
8 Feb. Fukaya Eguchi Hori (part 2) Saito

[Organizing Committee]

T. Eguchi (Univ. of Tokyo), K. Fukaya (Kyoto), H. Kanno (Nagoya),

T. Kawai (RIMS), H. Nakajima (Kyoto), K. Saito (RIMS)