The 7th Nagoya Workshop on Differential Equations

Last Update: Feb. 28, 2015


Date   March 3, 2015 ~ March 5, 2015

Place   Rm. 509, Mathematics Bldg., Nagoya University


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      Toshiaki Hishida   (Nagoya University)

      Jun Kato   (Nagoya University)

      Mitsuru Sugimoto   (Nagoya University)

      Yutaka Terasawa  (Nagoya University)

      Kotaro Tsugawa   (Nagoya University)


  Tatsuo Iguchi  (Keio University)

  Norihisa Ikoma  (Kanazawa University)

  Kenichi Ito  (Kobe University)

  Keiichi Kato  (Tokyo University of Science)

  Satoshi Masaki  (Hiroshima University)

  Tristan Roy  (Nagoya University)

  Yukihiro Seki  (Kyushu University)

  Yutaka Terasawa  (Nagoya University)

  Rafael Tiedra  (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)

  Kota Uriya  (Tohoku University)

  Tsuyoshi Yoneda  (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

March 3

13:30 ~ 14:20 Yutaka Terasawa  (Nagoya University)

   Lipschitz truncation method and non-Newtonian fluids

14:40 ~ 15:30 Norihisa Ikoma  (Tohoku University)
Some properties of eigenvalues of fully nonlinear elliptic operators

16:00 ~ 16:50 Keiichi Kato  (Tokyo University of Science)

   Wave packet transform and its application to Schrödinger equations

17:10 ~ 18:00 Satoshi Masaki  (Hiroshima University)
Analysis of generalized KdV equation in  \hat{L}^p  type space

March 4

10:00 ~ 10:50 Tsuyoshi Yoneda  (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

   Loss of continuity of the solution map for the Euler equations in α-modulation spaces
   including  B^1_{∞,1}  and  C^{1+s}  (0<s<1)

11:10 ~ 12:00 Yukihiro Seki  (Kyushu University)

   On type II blow-up mechanisms in the semilinear heat equation with critical Joseph-
   Lundgren exponent

13:30 ~ 14:20 Rafael Tiedra  (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)
Spectral and scattering properties at thresholds for the Laplacian in a half-space with
   a periodic boundary condition

14:40 ~ 15:30 Kenichi Ito  (Kobe University)

   Stationary scattering theory on manifolds with ends

16:00 ~ 16:50 Tristan Roy  (Nagoya University)
On the potential bound for global solutions of the defocusing cubic wave equation

17:10 ~ 18:00 Kota Uriya (Tohoku University)
Final state problem for a system of nonlinear Schrödinger equations with mass

18:30 ~    Banquet

March 5

10:00 ~ 10:50 Tatsuo Iguchi  (Keio University)

   Solvability of the initial value problem to a model system for water waves