The 4th Nagoya Workshop on Differential Equations

Last Update: Feb. 20, 2012



      Fumihiko Hirosawa   (Yamaguchi University)

      Ryuji Kajikiya   (Saga University)

      Masashi Misawa   (Kumamoto University)

      Makoto Nakamura   (Tohoku University)

      Shinya Nishibata   (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

      Tristan Roy   (Kyoto University)

      Shigeru Sakaguchi   (Hiroshima University)

      Tomoyuki Suzuki   (Kanagawa University)

      Kyoko Tomoeda   (RIMS)

      Tohru Wakasa   (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

      Chengbo Wang   (Zhejiang University)


      Toshiaki Hishida   (Nagoya University)

      Jun Kato   (Nagoya University)

      Mitsuru Sugimoto    (Nagoya University)

      Kotaro Tsugawa   (Nagoya University)

Date   March 5, 2012 ~ March 7, 2012

Place   Rm. 509, Bldg. Sci. 1, Nagoya University


Program   NWDE_2012.pdf

March 5

13:30 ~ 14:20 Shigeru Sakaguchi   (Hiroshima University)

   Stationary isothermic surfaces and geometry of domain

14:40 ~ 15:30 Shinya Nishibata   (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

    Asymptotic stability of stationary solutions to the Euler-Poisson equation in plasma


16:00 ~ 16:50 Chengbo Wang   (Zhejiang University)

   The Glassey conjecture with radially symmetric data

17:10 ~ 18:00 Tristan Roy   (Kyoto University)

   A weak form of the soliton resolution conjecture for high-dimensional biSchrödinger


March 6

10:00 ~ 10:50 Kyoko Tomoeda   (RIMS)

   Optimal Korn's inequality for solenoidal vector fields on a periodic slab with application

   to the Navier-Stokes flow down a vertical wall

11:10 ~ 12:00 Tomoyuki Suzuki   (Kanagawa University)

   Regularity criterion in terms of the pressure in Lorentz spaces for the Navier-Stokes


14:00 ~ 14:50 Makoto Nakamura   (Tohoku University)

   Remarks on weighted energy estimates and small solutions for nonlinear wave

   equations under the classical null conditions

15:10 ~ 16:00 Fumihiko Hirosawa   (Yamaguchi University)

   On the global solvability for semilinear wave equations with smooth time dependent

   propagation speeds

16:30 ~ 17:20 Masashi Misawa   (Kumamoto University)

   A Hölder estimate for evolutionary p-Laplacian systems and its application

18:00 ~    Banquet

March 7

10:00 ~ 10:50 Tohru Wakasa   (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

   Asymptotic classification of eigenfunctions for 1D linearized Allen-Cahn type equations

11:10 ~ 12:00 Ryuji Kajikiya   (Saga University)

   Symmetry of positive solutions for the generalized Hénon equation