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Nagoya Differintial Equations Seminar

Date: Mondays, 16:00 ~ (90 min. ~ 120 min.)
Place: Rm. 453, Mathematics Bldg, Nagoya University
Organizers: Mitsuru Sugimoto, Toshiaki Hishida, Kotaro Tsugawa, Jun Kato, Yutaka Terasawa

2018 / 2019

April 16
Speaker: Takashi Furuya (Nagoya University)
Title: The factorization method for some inverse acoustic scattering problems

We consider some inverse acoustic scattering problems. For the purpose, we derive the factorization method, which is a sampling method for solving certain kinds of inverse problems where the shape and location of unknown objects have to be reconstructed. Here, we introduce new results related to the factorization method.

April 23
Speaker: Hideki Inoue (Nagoya University)
Title: Topological Levinson's theorem counts infinitely many bound states

May 7
Speaker: Yuta Wakasugi (Ehime University)
Title: $L^p$-$L^q$ estimates for the damped wave equation and the critical exponent for the nonlinear problem with slowly decaying data

We study the Cauchy problem of the linear damped wave equation and give sharp $L^p$-$L^q$ estimates of the solution. This is an improvement of the so-called Matsumura estimates. Moreover, as its application, we consider the nonlinear problem with slowly decaying initial data, and determine the critical exponent. In particular, we prove that the small data global existence holds in the critical case if the initial data does not belong to $L^1$. This talk is based on a joint work with Masahiro Ikeda (RIKEN), Mamoru Okamoto (Shinshu University), and Takahisa Inui (Osaka University).

May 14
Speaker: Hiroyuki Tsurumi (Waseda University)
Title: Solutions of the stationary Navier-Stokes equations in homogeneous Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces

May 21
Speaker: Miho Murata (Kanagawa University)
Title: TBA

May 28
Speaker: Masayuki Hayashi (Waseda University)
Title: TBA

June 4
Speaker: Tristan Roy (Nagoya University)
Title: TBA

June 11
Speaker: Yasunori Maekawa (Kyoto University)
Title: TBA

June 18
Speaker: Hiroyuki Takamura (Tohoku University)
Title: TBA