Research Teaching
Dr. Johannes Jaerisch

Associate Professor
Graduate School of Mathematics
Nagoya University
Furocho, Chikusaku
464-8602 Japan

Office : Rm 329 in Sci. Bldg. A

Research Interests:
Ergodic theory and dynamical systems, complex analysis, geometric group theory, fractal geometry.
Research project funding (KAKEN)

Teaching in Autumn 2021:
Perspectives in Mathematical Science IV

Recent research presentations:
03-15, 2021, MSJ Spring Meeting, Statistics and Probability Session, Keio University, online.
01-21, 2021, 2020年度冬の力学系研究集会, online.
12-08, 2020, RIMS Online Workshop “Complex Dynamics and Related Topics”
12-04, 2020, Kyoto Dynamics Seminar, online.
11-11, 2020, Colloquium at Nagoya University, online.
09-15, 2020, RIMS 研究集会「数理科学の諸問題と力学系理論の新展開」online.