JSPS-RFBR Workshop

Harmonic Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces and Quantization

August 24 -- 30, 2008

Tambara Institute of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo


August 25 (Monday)

9:20--9:30 Opening
9:30--10:30 Hideyuki Ishi (Nagoya University)
Representations of Jordan algebras and left symmetric algebras
11:00--12:00 Takeyoshi Kogiso (Josai University) and Fumihiro Sato (Rikkyo University)
Representation of Clifford algebras and quartic polynomials with local functional equations
13:30--14:20 Takayuki Okuda (The University of Tokyo)
Relation between zeta polynomials and differential operators on some invariant rings
14:30--15:20 Atsushi Yamamori (Nagoya University)
Generalized Laplacians on classical domains
15:50--16:40 Satoshi Yamaji (Nagoya University)
On the Nevanlinna-Pick problem for $N \times N$ matrices
16:50--17:40 Chifune Kai (Kanazawa University)
A characterization of symmetric cones by an order-reversing property of the pseudoinverse maps

August 26 (Tuesday)

9:30--10:30 Yasuyuki Nagatomo (Kyushu University)
Totally geodesic immersion into Grassmannian manifold
11:00--12:00 Soji Kaneyuki (Sophia University)
Liouville-type theorems for causal structures, and applications
14:00--15:00 Liangyun Chen (Northeast Normal University / The University of Tokyo)
On restricted Lie triple systems
15:30--16:30 Katsuhiko Kikuchi (Kyoto University)
Invariants for multiplicity-free actions
16:45--17:45 Atsumu Sasaki (Waseda University)
Visible linear actions

August 27 (Wednesday)

9:30--10:30 Anatoliy Artemov (Tambov University)
Canonical and boundary representations on a sphere with an action of the pseudo-orthogonal group
11:00--12:00 Vladimir Molchanov (Tambov University)
Quantization on symplectic symmetric spaces, I
14:00--18:00 Free discussion

August 28 (Thursday)

9:30--10:30 Takaaki Nomura (Kyushu University)
Binet-Cauchy formula and invariant differential operators on a symmetric cone
11:00--12:00 Vladimir Molchanov (Tambov University)
Quantization on symplectic symmetric spaces, II
14:00--15:00 Minoru Itoh (Kagoshima University)
Extensions of the tensor algebra and their application to Schur-Wely type dualities
15:30--16:30 Hiroshi Oda (Takushoku University)
Determinant type elements in $U(so_n)$
16:45--17:45 Taro Yoshino (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Classification of counter examples to Lipsman's conjecture

August 29 (Friday)

9:30--10:30 Toshio Oshima (The University of Tokyo)
On Fuchsian systems - classification, connection problems and Kac-Moody Lie algebras
11:00--12:00 Vladimir Molchanov (Tambov University)
Quantization on symplectic symmetric spaces, III
14:00--15:00 Olga Grishina (Tambov University)
Polynomial quantization on the complex hyperboloid
15:30--16:30 Mikhail Zelikin (Moscow University)
Infinite-dimensional Lagrangian manifolds in optimal syntheses
16:45--17:45 Hiroyuki Ochiai (Nagoya University)
Wreath determinant and cross ratio


V.Molchanov (Tambov University), T.Nomura (Kyushu University), T.Oshima (University of Tokyo), H.Ishi (Nagoya University)


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