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APLAS 2014 Accepted Papers

Address Chain: Profiling Java Objects without Overhead in Java Heaps
Xiaohua Shi, Junru Xie and Hengyang Yu

Automatic Memory Management Based on Program Transformation using Ownerships
Tatsuya Sonobe, Kohei Suenaga and Atsushi Igarashi

Simple and Efficient Algorithms for Octagons
Aziem Chawdhary, Edward Robbins and Andy King

A Method for Scalable and Precise Bug Finding Using Program Analysis and Model Checking
Manuel Valdiviezo, Cristina Cifuentes and Padmanabhan Krishnan

Syntax-Directed Divide-and-Conquer Data-Flow Analysis
Shigeyuki Sato and Akimasa Morihata

Resource Protection using Atomics: Patterns and Verifications
Afshin Amighi, Stefan Blom and Marieke Huisman

Logic Programming and Logarithmic Space
Clément Aubert, Marc Bagnol, Paolo Pistone and Thomas Seiller

The Essence of Ruby
Katsuhiro Ueno, Yutaka Fukasawa, Akimasa Morihata and Atsushi Ohori

Optimized Compilation of Multiset Rewriting with Comprehensions
Edmund Soon Lee Lam and Iliano Cervesato

Functional Pearl: Nearest Shelters in Manhattan
Shin-Cheng Mu and Ting-Wei Chen

Call-by-Value in a Basic Logic for Interaction
Ulrich Schöpp

Necessary and Sufficient Preconditions via Eager Abstraction
Mohamed Nassim Seghir and Peter Schrammel

Compositional Entailment Checking for a Fragment of Separation Logic
Constantin Enea, Ondrej Lengal, Mihaela Sighireanu and Tomas Vojnar

Model-checking for Android Malware Detection
Fu Song and Tayssir Touili

A precise and abstract memory model for C using symbolic values
Frédéric Besson, Sandrine Blazy and Pierre Wilke

Resource Analysis of Complex Programs with Cost Equations
Antonio Flores Montoya and Reiner Hähnle

Automatic Constrained Rewriting Induction Towards Verifying Procedural Programs
Cynthia Kop and Naoki Nishida

A Translation of Intersection and Union Types for the lambda-mu Calculus
Kentaro Kikuchi and Takafumi Sakurai

A ZDD-based Efficient Higher-order Model Checking Algorithm
Taku Terao and Naoki Kobayashi

A Formalized Proof of Strong Normalization for Guarded Recursive Types
Andreas Abel and Andrea Vezzosi

Types for Flexible Objects
Zachary Palmer, Scott Smith, Hari Menon and Alexander Rozenshteyn

Inferring Grammatical Summaries of String Values
Se-Won Kim, Wooyoung Chin, Jimin Park, Jeongmin Kim and Sukyoung Ryu

Hereditary history-preserving bisimilarity: logics and automata
Paolo Baldan and Silvia Crafa

SUPPL: A flexible language for policies
Robert Dockins and Andrew Tolmach

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