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Update: 2012/05/25


Academic Cooperations

Academic Cooperation between the KIAS and Our Graduate School

On February 26, 2004, the Dean of KIAS, Professor Hyo Chul Myung and the Dean of the Graduate School, Professor Yukihiko Namikawa signed the agreement for academic cooperation. Both institutes will promote mathematical sciences cooperation through the following activities:

  • Exchange of professors and research members;
  • Exchange of scientific materials, publications and information;
  • Bilateral symposia and workshops.

After the conclusion of the agreement there was a commemorative lecture entitled “Finite groups of symplectic automorphisms of K3 surfaces in positive characteristic” by Professor JongHae Keum at KIAS.

The Korean Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) was founded in 1996 and now it is one of the most active centers of international science research in Korea. The Institute consists of three departments, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

from the left: Prof. Keum(KIAS), Prof. Myung(KIAS),
Prof. Namikawa(Nagoya U.), Prof. Kondo(Nagoya U.)